There are times when people think their rugs or carpets are beyond repairs. But often this is just a case of the person doing the cleaning/repair not having the skill set to fix a rug or carpet. With one of the widest range of skill sets sought out in the UK, we can give you the best advice before you throw away any rug.


Air Brushing Rug Repair


Airbrushing is a very skilled and rare craft that is relatively new to the UK. We and a few associate companies are the only ones who offer this bespoke service. Airbrushing is used for the finer details in
adding colour back into Oriental Rugs. It allows us to have much more control over the intricacies that some textiles demand.


Bleach Spot Repairs

Bleach Spot Repair

This is a service to restore carpets that have lost their colour to bleach while understanding there are other cleaning chemicals misused that remove colour. These type of spots cannot be ‘cleaned’ out and
accordingly carpet dyeing is the only way to rectify the problem areas. Bleach spot repair is a very cost-effective alternative to carpet replacement.


Repairing a rug Colour

Colour Restoration

This is a service for a carpet that has lost minimal colour to the elements all the way to a full restoration. It can and often entails correcting sun faded areas to bring the textile back to the original vibrant condition. In most if not all cases this is the only way to correct the issues associated with pet stains.


Rug Colour Run

Colour Run Restoration

Colour run is the removal of fugitive dyes that have bled for one of many reasons. The most common two are improper cleaning and where the textile has been in a flood. The restoration is a slow process but, as
in other forms of colour restoration, it is a cost-effective way of repair against replacement.


Over Dying a Rug

Over Dyeing

Is another quite unique service of Bespoke Rug Restoration. It can be a change of one colour to another or to an over dye of those existing. This type of over dyeing still keeps all the variant colours different but with the new one dominant. Another form of over dye is when most of the original colours have been “stripped” out and then a strong single one is added.


Damage to a Rug to Repair

Rug Repair

We offer minor repairs to Oriental Rugs but if major and or conservation repairs are required then we use and are associated with Craig at Haliden Oriental Rugs who can be found at Haliden.com.

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